Functional Health Coach

What level of joy and vitality would you like to experience? What potential lies within you – waiting to be unleashed?

You envisioned your life a certain way when you were younger.  What are your dreams as you look toward the future?

Do you see someone whose diet & lifestyle supports them looking and feeling great? … perhaps someone who has the energy, peace of mind, and confidence… to elevate herself (and family) to the greatest good?

You likely do not see someone who is limited by a health challenge… feeling anxious, imbalanced, or fatigued.

Unfortunately, health challenges disrupt our lives and limit our potential – if we let them.  Yet, health challenges also present a unique opportunity for growth and transformation.

What becomes possible when this health challenge is transcended? How might that feel, and be for you?

Hi… I’m Shawn Mixan, FHC – the lead health coach here at Santa Cruz Functional Medicine (working in partnership with Dr. Angelica Salazar).

I’m here to say that you have the capacity to transcend your health challenge – and experience the pure joy and vitality within you. Together, let’s inspire that capacity to bloom.

Health coaches play a vital role in health care, by providing an additional layer of support between doctor visits. For example: Have you ever received excellent health and well-being advice, but did not fully integrate into your life?

You’re not alone… Studies show that less than 10% of medical advice regarding diet and lifestyle changes is followed. Why is that?

It’s because habit and behavior change are hard… and will power is a limited resource.

Will power is simply not enough – because over 40% of our habits are automatic. This is where health coaches can help. Our health coaches address habit change at the neurological level, helping you meet your needs with healthier alternatives.

In addition to Health and Wellness Coaching, I also offer Life Coaching and Effectiveness Coaching (Learning Theory, Meta Learning, Life Optimization).

We focus on the small changes that yield the greatest results. What changes will help unleash your full potential? What level of joy and vitality will elevate yourself (and family) to the greatest good?

All you need is within you… and together will find it. This is the door opening. Its your choice to walk through. Every epic journey begins with a single step.

Solid foundation & health coach training in:

  • Functional Health and Nutrition
  • Ancestral and Evolutionary Health
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Character Strengths
  • Trans-Theoretical Model (TTM)
  • Empathic Communication (NVC)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Learning Theory (cognitive-psychology-based)
  • Behavior Change (neuroscience-based)

Other Training:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Tony Robbins – Mastery University
  • Environmental Engineer

Reclaim Your Health. Naturally.