Finding Calm & Shelter from the Storm (Covid-19)

I (Dr. Angelica Salazar, MD), imagine that upon reading this you may feel somewhat uncertain and anxious. Collective stress levels have been high during this global crisis. Health and financial concerns generally top the charts. However, this added stress tends to amplify existing stressors in relationships and our experience of life. 

My heart goes out to you and those you love. There is much pain and suffering in the world. With care, affection, and warm-heartedness – my mission is to help alleviate the suffering of others and to promote their well-being. 

The practice of finding calm and relaxation is essential at this moment, especially to fortify our immune systems against Covid-19. Let us remember to breathe and do our best to relax. Human beings are highly resourceful, compassionate, and resilient. It will not be easy, but we will make it through this challenge – especially when we work together. Often in the past, there’s been situations where I could not see how things could possibly work out. Yet they eventually did work out, and often for the best. You’ve likely had similar past experiences. Call on these experiences for strength, courage, and faith. 

For a powerful place to stand, consider that: “Life gives us whatever experience is the most helpful for the evolution of our consciousness”

I point out the vast resource that lies within you. Many answers exist within your body’s “felt sense” and intuition. Especially as we begin to calm and quiet our minds. Let’s learn to develop and trust such things.

As such, as you consider the content in this article, ask yourself the following questions:

(1)  What do I already know about finding peace & calm?

(2)  How have I been successful with this in the past?

(3)  What does my “body, heart, gut, and/or intuition” tell me about this?

Step 1: Just Breathe

Our breath is a great ally.  Take a moment, sit comfortably, and observe your breath – from the time it arises, to the pause after in-breath, all the way through out-breath.  Just observe this wonderful phenomenon (and whatever else may rise & fall in your field of consciousness).  When you are breathing in, know that you are breathing in… when you are breathing out, know that you are breathing out.  Make a soft mental note of “in” during in-breath, and “out” during out-breath.  This helps align your body with your mind.  Repeat for 7 breath cycles.

Action Steps: (1) Listen to this calm spoken word on “Meditation during an Emergency” by Sam Harris, Ph.D.  Listen to his guided meditations on the smartphone app titled “Waking Up”.  (2) Listen to Tara Brach video talk on “Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart

Step 2: Focus on What you Can Control

If you focus on what’s wrong and all the things beyond your control, that dominates your experience – and affects every thought and decision you make (this will drive you insane).  Consider focusing on the things you can control.  What good is coming out of this global challenge?  What other good can emerge from all humanity focused on solving this one problem?

You can control what you focus on.  “Where focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on, you feel”.  What is your primary intention through this challenge?  For example, my intention is that my family, friends, and patients thrive throughout COVID-19.

A clear intention helps focus your brain’s “Reticular Activating System (RAS)”.  There is far more information in the world than we could possibly process (especially now). With a clear intention, the RAS helps filter all that information such that the most useful, intention-based information passes through.  In my opinion, this is a scientific basis for prayer. Get clear on what you want. Offer gratitude for what you have. Ask the universe for what you want on a daily basis. It works, especially if you take the appropriate corresponding actions in your life. Enjoy!

Action Step: Listen to Tony Robbins speak on the power of focus to transcend challenges.

Again, I point out the vast resources within you.  Steps 1 & 2 above can help put you in closer touch with these resources.  You already have all that you need within you.  I know you will figure out how to thrive during these challenging times.  

If you would like additional support in finding calm and shelter from the storm, consider scheduling an appointment with me.  Together, we can help bring forth the immune support, peace of mind, and resources to elevate yourself (and loved ones) to the greatest good.

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