How to Feel Better, Be Healthy, and Live Longer

Stress, Tension, & Fatigue

Vital Health can be expressed as a feeling, a direct experience of well-being. You know when you have it… you know when you do not.

An example is feeling relaxed, yet vibrantly alive. Vital energy is flowing freely. The intent of our e-book is to help bring forth your Vital Health (more clearly & consistently).

During times of peak health and well-being, how do you experience the Vital Health within you? Take a moment and recall how this feels in your body. How precious is this?

I’m writing you this message from Mercey Hot Springs in California… An Oasis of healing waters, Salt Cedar Trees, and Owls. Sometimes I don’t realize how stressed I am, until I truly relax. Thank goodness for moments of calm-pure-joy, where Vital Health is deeply felt.

A primary focus here at Santa Cruz Functional Medicine (SCFM) is to elevate your Vital Health. To do so, we start with a foundation-framework that evokes vibrant health and well-being.

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