Microbiome & Detox

The gut microbiome consists of the 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes (gut flora) present mostly in our large intestine. Consider that our bodies are composed of more bacteria cells than human cells, and that 80% of the body’s immune cells are housed in the gut. A balanced and optimized gut microbiome is truly a game-changer.

Twenty-five hundred years ago Hippocrates (“Father of Medicine” from Ancient Greece) said, “All disease begins in the gut”. Modern medicine is finally catching up with this ancient wisdom.

When balanced, the gut microbiome promotes vibrant health and well-being. The benefits are vast, including a strong immune system, sustained energy, and clear-mindedness (just to name a few). When out-of-balance (dysbiosis), trillions of microbes sabotage our health resulting in stress, fatigue, pain, and disease (to name a few).

The intent of this blog page is to help you create a symbiosis and alliance with your 100 trillion-strong gut flora microbiome.

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