Services & Fee Schedule

Functional Medicine (FM)

Functional Medicine is high-resolution medicine. I see your health in high detail and resolve your symptoms accordingly.

11 minutes is the average length of a conventional doctor visit.  We spend 60 minutes together for your initial Functional Medicine (FM) visit – and go deep.  I spend an additional 60 minutes (on my own, behind the scenes) creating personalized treatment protocols.  Your intitail FM visit also includes a 60-minute session with Megan, our functional nutritionist.  This comes as a package deal designed to provide you with optimal benifits.  This package deal the only option for new patients (sorry, no exceptions).

I offer full-spectrum, leading-edge lab testing and natural medicine solutions.  (pharmaceuticals – only when truly needed)

The result is: full-spectrum, high-resolution health solutions, so you feel better and return to a beautiful state of well-being.  =)

New Patients | Dr. Angelica Salazar – 60 min

$750 (includes 60 minutes with Dr. Angelica).  A comprehensive initial FM visit, plus 60-minutes with Megan our functional nutritionist.  This is a package deal (sorry, no exceptions).  For new patients only.

(beyond 60 minutes, billed at $7 per minute)

Follow Up | Dr. Angelica Salazar – 40 min

$325 (includes up to 45 minutes with you).  This option is for existing patients only.

(beyond 45 minutes, billed at $7 per minute)

Nutritionist | Megan Murphy – 60 min

$225 (includes up to 60-minutes with you).   This option is for existing FM patients only.

(beyond 60 minutes, billed at $3 per minute)

Reclaim Your Health. Naturally.